Saturday, July 18, 2009

Review: Neutrogena Rapid Clear Treatment Pads Maximum Strength

These pads are amazing!! They are convenient and most importantly, effective! I bought these for my fiancé because he is very active and has been breaking out a little more than usual due to the summer season. He used them for the first time at night after washing his face and by the next morning, all signs of a breakout were gone! I couldn't believe it; I have never seen a product work that fast. I need the occasional spot treatment and I decided to try these pads myself, and I got the same instant result! No signs of a breakout come morning. Anytime I start to feel like a pimple may be coming, I swipe a pad and viola! These are great too, when I've had a late night and just want to fall into bed. We know we're all guilty of falling asleep with our makeup on from time to time, but these things are so simple and easy, it's impossible to let that happen. They leave my skin really soft afterward and they smell really good too! I buy these at Target and they retail for around $5.99 for 60 pads. I highly recommend this product!!

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